The Purple Elephant Project


Our mission statement

We believe every child should be able to access therapeutic support when they need to.

We offer a professional standard of expertise through subsidised outreach services in Richmond and Hounslow schools, and other venues, and therapy services in our specially designed centre in Twickenham, otherwise known as the Hub. Our therapists are fully qualified in their fields, having undergone rigorous and extensive training, and are registered with appropriate governing bodies and thereby abiding to strict Codes of Ethics and Practice.


The name evolved from our founder’s personal background and reflects significant family members who provided her with loving relationships, inspiring her to want to make a difference. They devoted their lives to running a centre for the Salvation Army for disadvantaged children, and happened to be avid collectors of elephants!

The elephant is a remarkable animal and is therefore a fitting symbol for the project. Considered to be one of the most nurturing animals, they are both powerful and gentle. Family bonds within the community are strong and they are one of the few animals demonstrating true emotion; e.g, being seen to grieve the loss of a member of the herd, moving closer together if the herd is under threat. Elephants are known for the long journeys they embark on. This project is on a journey to support our clients through their own personal journeys of recovery. In addition, elephants are said to never forget, and we very much hold our clients in mind throughout their journey. The large ears symbolise the power of listening, an essential element of the services we offer and indeed our motto; Talk to us….. we’re all ears!

And why purple? Purple is a strong colour with no specific gender associations therefore appealing to both male and female clients. Considered to be a very healing colour, purple represents creativity, ambition, calmness and peace. It’s association to royalty is important as we want every child, parent and carer entering our building and therapeutic spaces to feel they are being treated as royalty. It also happens to be our founders’ favourite colour!